An online portfolio of some of the work of art & products created and produced in multiple format, platform & technology. Take note that some projects mentioned in here may be done solely or as part of a bigger team.



Producing this type of work is one of the most complicated forms of visual art as it may require not just a high level of creativity but also a deep know how in science and mathematics. Not to mention the state-of-the-art tools that an artist must learn how to use as it continues to evolve in time.


Drawing is basically an artists' introduction to visual art as it can magically create a new world for us to take a glimpse and feel. Each stroke differs like a signature that seems too impossible to replicate yet too beautiful to ignore. 



Despite different art style rules in the advertising & marketing industry, the hands-on experience in doing layout, final art & brand designs is a recommended path for all digital artists. The meticulous & passionate dedication to extreme details is one of the greatest parts of this industry's culture.


Painting, either executed digitally or traditionally has been a great passion for many visual artists. The hunger for new medium continues to evolve as it ranges from the pure pigment of paints up to high-resolution pixels. The patience and persistence that this art teaches a great attribute to possess.



Post-processing of digital photo images requires skills in 2D/3D graphics image editing tools & actual photography itself. Our creative freedom allows us, artists, to recreate whatever is missing in the photos. Once the vision is successfully executed, the combining result can be breath-taking and surreal.


Many gaming artists started doing mods at first. It then became a new passion for producing interactive assets for video games. An art becomes different when it becomes interactive and at most, unpredictably intelligent.


High-end DSLRs or smartphone cameras are the common tools that many artists use in their passion for Photography. The tools used may differ, be inexpensive, and may not be that highly sophisticated but a good artist must have a keen eye for seeing what is beautiful and capture it within seconds using what he got.