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Artmiker™ is an art studio that provides the following professional creative art services:

  • Digital Art (for Games, NFTs, AR/ VR, Visualization, or Animations)

  • Cover Art (for Books, Albums, Magazines, e-Books)

  • Book Illustrations (for Children or Kids at heart)

  • Comic Book Illustrations (Pencil, Ink & Color)

  • Comic Strips (Political Advocacy, Humor)

  • Caricatures (Family, Individual, Personalized, or for Commercial Use)

  • Digital Paintings (Portraits, Landscapes, Still Life, Events, Fantasy)

  • Concept Art (for Video Games, Characters, Environment, Items)

  • Storyboarding & Animation (for Film, TV, & Online Videos)

  • Graphic Design & Branding (for Social Media content, Marketing, Branding, Ads)

  • Photo Editing & Compositing (Digital Restoration, Re-touching, Enhancement)

About: About

Founding Studio Head | Creative Director

       He worked as a Professional Digital Consultant & a Senior Director Role for many years until he decided to establish Artmiker Studios, focusing on creative art content production for B2B and B2C multi-national clients. 


           He now holds an outstanding career with over 25 years of experience. Miker has accomplished many projects ranging in Animation, Visual Arts, 3D/ 2D, Game Development, Marketing, Advertising, Digital Product, eCommerce, Business Development, Film, & Video Post-Production.

About: Crew
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