@rtmiker™ is the branding persona of Miker Rivero, a creative professional with industry expertise in the following:

  • Marketing, Advertising & Brand Design

  • Art Illustration for Cover Art, Children's Books, Albums, Comic Books and other Publications.

  • Digital Art Painting for Portraits, Concept Previz, Fantasy Art, and so forth.

  • 2d / 3D Art Asset Production

  • New Digital Product Design for Games, Apps, Web & Innovative Solutions

  • Layout Designs for Publication, Reports, Business or Pitch Proposals.

  • Gamification design for the customer rewards program

  • Storyboarding for animation, film or tv output.

  • Animation & Video Editing

  • Video or Still Image Compositing & Post Processing

  • Art & Product Management Workshops & Lecture

  • Leadership, Product & Project Management ( Agile, Waterfall & Hybrid )



Humbly started as a working student while independently juggles academic responsibilities from high school to college. As a struggling young artist, he competed and won several visual art competitions aiming to earn extra funds to finance his schooling and everyday living. This is the way of life of his until he finally graduated in 1999 with a course of Fine Arts major in Advertising. Since then, his career extended to more than 15 years of professional experience in the industry of Visual Art, Advertising, Film & Video Content, Business Development, Gamification, Product Management, Digital Marketing, and Game Development.

Up until now, his craving for new challenges never ends.



A long list of awards, historical milestones & other recognition achieved by @rtmiker™ throughout his academic & professional career.



A colorful narrative highlights of the professional experience of @rtmiker™.