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@rtmiker's short excerpt of over 20 years of professional experience.

Summary: Featured Work


•  Humbly started out his career at a very young age of 14 as a part-time street car wash boy and hotel support personnel. Then eventually accepted below minimum wage part-time jobs as a junior artist while studying in high school until college. Life was hard then but Persistence, Humility & Empathy had been one of the few beautiful values that he treasured throughout his professional career as a leader and as a team player.

•  Garnered multiple local & national awards, honors & recognition in Visual Art, Animation, Game Development & Digital Innovations industry ever since college until now.

Former Executive Producer for Sector Six Studios, an AI Company based in New York wherein he developed the entire product roadmap plan for an AI companion app (from pre-production, operations & marketing) that is targeted to address the growing concerns on Mental Health during the Global Pandemic crisis.

Former Senior Manager for Business Development under Synergy88 Digital, a company catering to game art outsourcing, game development, and digital solutions. This role also gave him Product Management opportunities that resulted in one of the most downloaded mobile apps on Google Play.


• Worked as the Creative Head of Visual Design, Head of Games and Apps Development, and Head of Project Management under Innovation and Business Development of Digital Media Division (DMD), a department that handles all digital projects of ABS-CBN Corporation. The work provided him with challenging opportunities to produce websites, mobile apps, video gamessocial media content, SEO strategies, e-commerce, advertising projects, and other digital platform solutions.


• Successfully became an Art Director for the critically acclaimed First Ever Filipino RPG - PC video gameAnito: Defend A Land Enraged which won grand recognitions at the Independent Games Festival and Game Tunnel (now Indie Gamestand) in 2004. This project earned him credits as one of the most important pioneers in the history of Philippine Game Development.


• Has successfully produced ABS-CBN’s first-ever e-commerce site ABS-CBN Store as well as other digital platforms like FAME, an online audition portal; PasaHero, a multi-awarded passenger safety mobile app; KapamilyADS, a contextual self-serve ad network as well as integration of the Cxense MetaQ video ad technology and Brightcove.


• Introduced and authored “Ideation Collab” & "INNOVlabs" program for idealistic student software developers that is interested to extend partnership with ABS-CBN and Synergy88 Digital respectively as a publisher and students as the developers. It is basically a crowdsource prototype development program for students that is open for publishing, manpower & product acquisition.


• Has dynamically led the Art Department team of Kuju Manila in producing art assets for AAA games on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation, and PC. All game projects are coordinated with other umbrella studios of Kuju Entertainment, one of the biggest game development companies in Europe.


• Has played a major role in producing Circus Games, this is the first-ever originally and locally developed Wii console game by Filipinos in the Philippines and it was also the first Pinoy game ever published by a world-renowned triple-A publisher, Ubisoft.

• Successfully managed Matahari Studios’ Art Department, in developing an arcade ball toss video game entitled “Big Top”.   Matahari Studio and its’ games are under the propriety of LAI Games, an Australian arcade game publishing company that also owns Timezone across the globe.


• Led the project management of a Massive Multi-player Online videogame project entitled “Sugod”, which is a localized version of the World’s first-ever Military Action Online Game called “Outpost Online”. It was originally developed by Haneolsoft for the Korean audience and was then targeted to be localized by PowR Games for the South East Asian market.


• Mentored & coached the first few batches of Digital Project Managers of ABS-CBN Corporation thru the application of Agile Work Methodology as well as the implementation of New Product Design Documentation for Product Management guidelines.


• Proudly served as an Honorary Speaker for the 2014 Philippine Game Festival,  2017 TBWA Anniversary Celebration, and COMGUILD’s 6th Annual Conference for IT and CS Students of the Philippines.


• Highly proficient in Operations Management that leads to the efficiency of training programs, pipeline work, quality control, production flow, employee assessment, administrative, stakeholders, and client management.


• Has a background in teaching as an academic lecturer at the De La Salle University and College of Saint Benilde handling subjects such as Artificial Intelligence, Game Business, Technical Art, and Advance 3D Art Production. Also developed International training programs and teaching guidelines for foreign academic professionals and digital developers under SENA,
a government institution of Columbia dedicated to promoting and supporting the country’s digital industry.


•  Has advanced knowledge and skills in formulating business plans, SEO strategy, social media marketing, brand campaign, gamification, and digital product roadmap.


• Has an emphatic and humble leadership style through Agile Scrum Methodology with a reputation as a “People” person for most of his colleagues.


•  Received a Diamond Lifetime Awardee for his effortless humanitarian contribution under a non-profit organization of the Humanist Alliance of the Philippines, International.


•  Formerly served as a Brand Ambassador to WACOM Southeast Asia for the Intuos Creative Stylus 2 2014 Product Launch Campaign.



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